Jean-Jaques Tortochot is a mysterious figure, but his impact on French classical flutes is undeniable. His name appears in two notable publications from the late 18th century, and he is credited with crafting woodwind instruments that were favored by virtuosos like Devienne and Delusse. Today, only a handful of his instruments survive, including three flutes and two clarinets. One of Tortochot's surviving flutes served as the inspiration for a modern recreation. This model, available in ebony, grenadille, lignum vitae, boxwood, and other exotic woods, is designed to replicate the sweet sound and unparalleled flexibility that made Tortochot's flutes so popular among French flutists. Thanks to the rare opportunity to study three of Tortochot's original instruments, this recreation is a true testament to the legacy of this enigmatic woodwind maker.

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