I learned to make the Baroque Flauto Traverso from the master flute maker Fridtjof Aurin.

I create my flutes with extreme precision and strive for excellent musical qualities so that the instruments will inspire and delight both the player and the listener.

I make the flutes by hand from a particularly rare, well-aged stock of Cocobolo and Ebony.
Cocobolo wood grows in two forms, either natural, or artificially accelerated. The Cocobolo wood I use grew naturally and was harvested more than 80 years ago in South America, so that it is thoroughly seasoned. It is extremely beautiful, rare and truly dense, unlike the artificially grown type, whose accelerated development makes it considerably less dense, and therefore unsuitable for the very best flutes.

The sound of my flutes made from this wood is intense, trenchant, powerful, and rich. They are surprisingly responsive to delicate nuances of style and embouchure.

I welcome questions, special requests, or specific requirements, and take great pride in giving quick, complete, and friendly service.

Ariel Louis