Servicing Your Flute

Taking care of your flute is essential for maintaining its quality and preventing any damage. The flute is made of high-quality wood that may undergo changes due to being an organic substance. Therefore, it is recommended to lubricate the flute every two weeks and keep it away from sharp changes in temperature. Gradually playing the flute will improve its sound quality, but playing it too quickly can cause cracks and warping of the wood.

To play the flute, it should be oiled gradually, allowing the wood to settle. In the first few weeks, short sessions of not more than thirty minutes at a time are recommended, and the flute should be wiped dry with a cotton cloth after each session. Oiling should be done about once a week using edible cold-pressed organic linseed oil. After the first month, the flute can be played for longer periods, and oiling will be done once a month or two, depending on how much the instrument is being played.

It is important to use the right type of oil and follow specific oiling instructions, as different oils require different methods of application. After oiling, the flute should be allowed to dry for at least half a day, and excess oil should be wiped away.

If any natural damage occurs to the flute, you may claim a fixing or exchange within one year of purchase, and after the first year, you may send the flute for inspection, cleaning, cork replacement, and oiling free of charge.

If you have any questions or concerns about caring for your flute, it is recommended to consult with me for guidance.