Discover Louis Signature Flutes

Expertly crafted in the Baroque tradition using only the finest woods for exceptional sound quality.

I have had the privilege of learning the art of crafting the Baroque Flauto Traverso from the renowned flute maker Fridtjof Aurin, and it is with the utmost care and precision that I create each of my exquisite instruments.

My ultimate goal is to imbue each flute with exceptional musical qualities that will both inspire and delight both the musician and the audience.

To achieve this level of excellence, I handcraft each flute from an extremely rare stock of aged wood that has been carefully stored for over 80 years. I meticulously process the wood using a manual lathe and employ cobalt drills that are precise to within a thousandth of a millimeter to create the instrument's bore. The inside of the embouchure is meticulously carved layer by layer by hand, in order to achieve the unique signature sound that is perfectly tailored to the individual musician. This is a sound that can only be produced by the skilled hands of an experienced artisan, not by a machine.

The result of my labor is a flute with a sound that is unparalleled in its intensity, power, and richness. My instruments are surprisingly responsive to even the most delicate nuances of style and embouchure, offering a truly exceptional playing experience.

I am always happy to answer any questions, accommodate special requests, and provide quick, friendly, and comprehensive service. Crafting flutes is my passion, and I take great pride in each and every instrument that I create.

Ariel Louis