hummingbirds Baroque flute Style headjoint for modern flute
 with a unique Engraving and drilling and embouchure hole, to produce a sound similar to a baroque flute, from your modern flute. with unique one-of-a-kind oil painted hummingbirds with finest lapis lazuli blue 
 Made out of highest quality well aged 50 years Cocobolo wood. With silver ring I fit the tenon to any flute size, please specify the desired size when purchasing.
 You can normally expect your headjoint to be ready in about 2 to 3 days from the date of purchase * I offer a crack warranty of one year (repair or exchange, within maker´s descretion; excludes shipping charges) on this headjoint -provided the advice regarding oiling and playing in, is followed. Limit of one replacement per customer. Accidental damage, abuse, and/or neglect as well as re-sale voids this warranty. Your headjoint will be ready to be posted within 2 to 3 days after payment is received. For insurance reasons I am unfortunately not able to combine postage. I always ship by fast delivery A little about the process of making my headjoints: These wooden headjoints are handcrafted by a trained A baroque flute maker! I carefully select and season my own wood and every head joint I sell is handcrafted by myself from scratch! I do not use CNC machinery or copying devices but every head joint is individually handmade The embouchure hole is cut and shaped the traditional way, mostly with hand tools.

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