Ebony flute headjoint from a rare, well aged Ebony stock of wood of the highest quality and density which will give you most unique, brighter and brilliant sound. And with the sweetness of a baroque flute and with a greater range of intonation, allowing for fine tuning. in this model the tube thickness is as of Naust Baroque flute, allowing these headjoint to resonance like the Naust Baroque flute. The ability to produce a sound similar to a baroque flute combined with Bohm mechanics makes the experience of playing more fascinating and amazing due to the unique undercutting of the embrasure hole. I make the flute HJ for all sizes of flutes. When ordering the flute head please indicate the size of your Flute Head Joint Tenon customers from the USA - https://flutecenter.com/collections/ariel-louis-headjoints For any question please contact me

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