There are many different types of wood that are commonly used for flute-making. The relatively low density of the flute-making woods allows for a starkly different timbre than flutes made of metals. The density of flute-making woods can vary between .5 and 1.3, while the density of silver is about 10.5, the density of pure gold is about 19.3, and the density of platinum is about 21.5. Many flutist find that in more intimate settings, swapping their metal headjoint for a wooden headjoint can allow them more flexibility in tone colors and a wider range of dynamics. There are more and more professional players deciding that a new wooden flute is now their primary instrument. I offer these flute headjoint from well aged boxwood of the highest quality and density which will give you most unique, brighter and brilliant sound. This model has thin walls for Extra vibration of the overtones

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