Palanca baroque flute is one of my favorites due to its oval embouchure, which produces a strong sound compared to traditional round embouchures. This universal instrument is ideal for playing pieces by Locatelli, Platti, Händel, and J.S. Bach, making it a top choice among baroque flute teachers. Carlo Palanca, the instrument maker, passed away in Turin at the age of 95 in 1783. Palanca's original ebony flute, which is part of a private collection in Frankfurt, is even more focused in its sound. However, this well-aged cocobolo version offers the player a wide range of tonal shades, including robust and dense cross-fingered notes such as F, G#, and Bb. The flute is available in European boxwood, ebony, and African blackwood, and it comes with a handmade soft case and care oil.

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