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Care and maintenance
The flute is made of the highest quality wood, which has undergone a process of natural drying for many years. Nevertheless changes may occur in it because it is an organic substance.
I therefore recommend lubricating the flute every two weeks, and keeping it from sharp changes in temperature.
If playing it in is done gradually and in the recommended
way, the flute will slowly open up and its sound will improve. On the other hand,
if it is played in too quickly, cracks and warping of the wood may occur.

Playing the flute
A new instrument needs to be played in gradually, in order to let the wood settle
and it should be oiled in such way that a thin protective layer of oil will be
developed on the surface of the flute’s bore. In the first few weeks, the flute
should be played in short sessions: not more than thirty minutes at a time. Wipe
the inside of the flute dry with a cotton cloth at the end of every session. Allow the
flute to dry out properly between sessions, Don’t do more than two such
sessions per day. Oiling should be done about once a week, using linseed oil in
the manner described below. After the first month the flute HJ can be played for
longer amount of time.

Oiling your flute
I use edible cold pressed organic linseed oil to oil my flutes.
do not use hardware store linseed oil it is poisonous as this may contain turpentine. Linseed oil
is hardening oil, which means that it would be applied to the instrument in small
quantities. It is important to realize that different types of oil should be used in
different ways on your flute. With non drying oils such as olive
oil a flute will require more frequent oiling and larger quantities of oil. The
manner of oiling described below is specific for linseed oil. Please consult me
before using any other oil on your flute. After the first two months of playing,
oiling will be done once in a month or two (depending on how much the
instrument is being played) in the following manner:
Make sure the flute is completely dry. Never oil it directly after playing.
Allow at
least half a day between playing and oiling
Take the flute apart, including the right hand joint and the food joint.
Take a small piece of cotton cloth, dip it in the oil, and squeeze all the
access oil out. The rag has do be dump with oil, but not soaking wet. Pass
the oily rag through the bore of the flute using a stick. Make sure that the
bore surface is equally coated with oil. Lightly oil the outside of the
instrument as well.
Allow the oil to settle into the wood for about half an hour.
After half an hour wipe the oil away using a clean piece of cotton. It is
highly important that no excess oil remains on the outside or inside of the
instrument, as this will crystallise and will be very difficult to remove later.
Allow the oil to dry for at least half a day.
Please come back to me with any other problems you have with
your instrument.

1 year guarantee and one-time free service
my flute are made to last for Lifetime, nevertheless if any natural damaged occur on the flute, you may claim a fixing or exchange. the flute must be serviced only by me in order to be eligible for these guarantee.
after the first year you may ship the flute and I will inspect it clean it change the Cork and oil it, free of charge.

If anything is unclear or you have more questions feel free to contact me.