This wooden headjoint will make your flute sound amazing - it produces rich woody warm sound. This ultra-thin wooden headjoint is made from carefully selected premium grade Ebony wood the same type of wood that is used for making professional Baroque flutes. Ebony is - by far - the best wood to use for making flutes instruments. The Ebony wood that I used to make this headjoint has been seasoning on racks for over 70 years and is among the best in the industry. Gaboon Ebony wood of this high quality is very rare to find these days I use it from a 50 years old well aged of Premium high-quality wood. I offer these flute headjoint with the High level density Woods which will give you a stronger and reacher sound with the sweetness of a baroque flute and with a greater range of intonation, allowing for fine tuning. I make the flute HJ for all sizes of flutes. When ordering the flute head please indicate the size of your Flute Head Joint Tenon and the type of wood you are interested in. from the high density wood list below - Gaboon Ebony masscar Ebony cocobolo Rosewood Boxwood For any question please contact me

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