"Louis signature flutes" crafted in the Baroque tradition of flute making. 100% handcrafted on par excellence Woods for the Brilliance of sounds.

I learned to make the Baroque Flauto Traverso from the master flute maker Fridtjof Aurin.

I create my flutes with extreme precision and strive for excellent musical qualities so that the instruments will inspire and delight both the player and the listener.

I make the flutes by hand from a particularly rare, 80 years well-aged stock of woods.
I Processes the wood with a manual lathe. my drilling is done with special and precise cobalt drills up to a thousandth of a millimeter. I carve the inside of the embouchure by hand, layer by layer, in order to reach the personal signature that is appropriate for a player. Thus I get my unique sound, which cannot be produced in a machine.

The sound of my flutes made from this wood is intense, trenchant, powerful, and rich. They are surprisingly responsive to delicate nuances of style and embouchure.

I welcome questions, special requests, or specific requirements, and take great pride in giving quick, complete, and friendly service.

Ariel Louis